Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013-12-21 Feliz Navidad!

  Well as you all know it's BASICALLY Christmas! Anand.. I don't know what I'm going to do. I received a package yesterday from the Chester Ward youth.. One from a youth conference with cool Socks in it and one from the Cole family! I haven't opened the one from Chester ward or from the Coles but It's REALLY tempting.. I'm waiting for Christmas! (Oh and BTW THANKS Taylor Neely for the awesome socks! They're totally chibo -Cool- !!)
   We've been working hard in the area and getting new investigators that are Surprising us.. Our district of Hnas is slowly but surely progressing and after a hard spot I think we MIGHT be starting to see some miracles here in Coban! We have two baptisms today and we heard an amazing spiritual experience from the Hnas in area C about an investigator they found who got a text earlier that morning from her sister saying three angels were going to pass by that day. The Hnas passed by and the rest involves testimonies and crying like babies and I'm pretty sure a fecha next visit!
   We (My companion and I) also found an investigator who practically laid him self out to be baptized and said all the "Golden" lines a missionary wants to hear! "I feel like something's mission from my life" "I've been searching for a church but none of them seem right for me" "I feel like before choosing a church I should pray about it and get my answer from the Lord" "I think to know if a church is true we need to assist first and try it out.." So basically we just told him he was perfectly right, Invited him to church and gave him a book of Mormon.. well.. actually we were out of "Book of Mormon"s but that's planned for our next visit!
   I'm going to help baptize one of the Hnas investigator today.. like.. I'm not doing the actual baptizing but I'll be in the water.. Weird right? I'll have to let you know how that goes!
   Well.. I think I'm going to write a Christmas letter now!

Yours Feliz Navidadly,

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