Monday, November 18, 2013

11-16 My area?

I thought you'd never ask!
   Okay.. I realize with my crazy office life I've neglected to mention much my area. I'm still in the same area "Cobán 2A" but I'm not sure if I ever mentioned that my area actually changed.. not the name just the house and where I'm serving.. so I'm "Not opening an area" and "I didn't get a change" but I'm now living in a mountain with a sweet house that doesn't have a place to wash your hands in the bathroom.. the shower shoots out green sparks if you try and use water hotter than 40°F and thats only if we have water and electricity at the same time. I really like the place though! It's a huge house for two people and it has a garage and like four rooms.. BIG rooms! me and my companion feel like we have our own AP mansion.. it just is missing a few nesessities like water and lights half the time.
   We gave up all our progressing investigators when we "Didn't have changes" and were left with ONE family that isn't progressing.. almost at all.. The thing is this guy is totally awesome.. just doesn't want to change.. let me rephrase that, he wants to change tuesday.. but his wife doesent.. but then wednesday she does and he doesn't. thursday they decide they dont want to take the lessons anymore but saturday they call and want to know why we havent visted them yet.. needless to say we've been looking despretly for new investigators!!!
   I'm so angry right now... my keyboard doesn't have the letters on the keys so it's VERY difficult to type this up! I'm extremely glad I took a few typing lessons before I left cause luckily I mess up less than half the time.. plus the backspace is half sized so when I try and back space it ends up looking like this. Rubber ´vaby vbubby bumnpers}¿
   So I think I'm going to get some changes made in the office! It might mean I get a personal cell phone and a fancy title.. or just the cell phone.. thats the más probable.
   No TOO crazy adventures this week.. we had two more medical trips to the cap but we used the bus system so Big Jimmy didn't have to pay the Pyper. That and I'm getting used to these whole last second emergency calls. They're super fun! I feel like HQ of some spy agency one day and like Alfredo Valenzinii, Mob Front the next day.. the mormon mob that is. Never too much excitement when you come from a family of 13!
 Picture time!!!
Distrita.. I'll talk more about La Distrita next week.. I hope to have a picture by then. (Don't look at my long hair and unshaved face! I didn't have water that day!)
 Elder Suitter my awesome ZL who makes brownies in a toaster oven with me when we have divisions

 Elder Bashaw. New finance Elder. GREAT guy for a good time!
   I tried a bodé (european toilet paper.. wink wink, nod nod) for the first time today. DEFINITELY a life changing expirience!

Yours newly animated.. with a dead keyboard,
Elder Hyrum Clark

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