Monday, November 18, 2013

10-26 New P-days!

Hello Everyone!
   Welcome to my new P-days in the office! I love p-day's in the office because I don't pay for internet, My Mission President gives me money to take my investigator to watch a soccer game and free lunch with that (Sad day :( .. Barcalona won) and I also got to play pool with the assistants (I won! 3 Times!!).

So this last week has been crazy in the office.. it's change week so everything's moving around and crazy. I've missed a few lunches but I've made up for them so it's all good... I have a ton to do for the new 21 elders and hermanas (sisters) that are coming in and also get stuff ready for those that are leaving! not to mention organize transportation for all of them and do all my hundred other pouch assignments.. oye mama.. I still can say with a big smile on my face that the perks are better than the downfalls!
   My mission President is cooler than all of yours! He's such a great guy and is getting this mission the kick start it needs to surge forward! I love his teaching Ideas and focus areas and he (being a convert) knows how our converts feel in a lot of situations. It's helped me out a ton cause he can share stories that fit in perfectly with my converts situation.. and then other times he'll come out and teach with us and he's completely open about the fact he's a convert.. and that he didn't like the church at all!.. until his moment hit when things changed.. He gives me hope for that moment in each of my investigators!
   I did divisions with my ZL Elder Suitter and it was great! We taught some amazing lessons and felt the spirit and worked amazing with the member we had who bore amazing testimony! Not only that was amazing but to add on that we went back to the house and made Brownies and watched a church movie! What an awesome
Things are going great and I'll let you know that my new companion will be Elder Fitzgerald.. he has one change so I just realized now that I'm going to be a mom! Plus his office dad.. but the mission mom trumps office dad cause no one but office missionaries consider the office parents as real parents. Anyways I have no Idea what he is like but I'll send you a picture with him next week.
   Wait... I just realized another realization.. that he's not my REAL companion.. just my office companion.. I'm going to stay with Zavala in the proselyting area.. so I'll just be an office dad. That's cool though right? I'll still take a picture so you can see who my office compaion is.
   But anyways.. now you all know I have P-days on Saturdays and you can all show me love by sending me letters!
   Guatemala Coban Mission
   Apartado Postal #34
   3ra Calle 2-02 Zona 3
   Coban AV 16001
   Guatemala C.A.
I love you all!
Yours on a Saturday,
Elder Hyrum Clark


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