Monday, November 18, 2013

11-9 "Something Hilarious" "Just that"

I'd name this something hilarious but I have no Idea what I'm going to write. I've decided to name it just that.. or maybe both!
   In my absence of though A thought came to me.. I'll write a letter about funny stories. Funny thing is those are hard to remember afterwords.. It's like when you're laughing you head off your brain lets out hormones or magic juice into the blood system and it removes the thought out of your long term memory bank.. anyways heres what I can think of.
  Strange things I've seen:
1) a 4 yr old kid.. alone.. peeing out the side of a moving tuctuc. WHAT?!
2) Crazy old lady chopping down giant weeds with a machete... in transformers pajamas.
3) A dog ran up to us barked for 2 seconds.. started convulsing on the ground and then ran away.
4) A picture of Isaiah sitting on a strange man's lap. AND
5) A drunk man sliding down a mud road on his bum.. I'm not going to lie I felt like joining him.. it looked really fun!
   So this week has been better! I'm getting ahold of things and even though I am completely behind I still seem to LOVE being in the office! Honestly I've never been more stressed and had so many things to do and so many responcibilities AND emergencies that I've had to do at the same time.. on the same day.. before 3pm! okay thats a lie.. I'm never out by three.
   So this past week I was in charge of getting a plane ticket for an elder who had to fly to the capital (Guatemala City) for a surgery.. got the call around noon and President wanted him on the plane that night. Thing is he couldn't get on the plane without his passport which happened to be in the area office IN guatemala city! Well that would have to be shipped be mail and wouldn't arrive till the next day so that stinks. Next thing I do is call Big Jimmy in the Cap and let him know what my piece of pie looks like and he pulls some strings and talks to the baker. The baker tells his crew and we get a ticket that night. Problem #2, Big Jimmy can only pull so many strings and The Kid needs to bring ID to board the plane. His ID is in Sayaxché. I call The Checkerboard Angels who works in that neck of the jungle and they tells me they can get him an ID.. but it'll cost.. about 4 hrs. Problem #3, The plane leaves in 4hrs. I call Mother Bear Companion of The Kid and lets him know whats going down. He makes a few pigs squeel and eventually gets the ID on a shuttle heading for The Checkerboard Angels. Good ol' Mama Bear saved us 2 hrs! All we can do now is wait.
   6:30pm The Kid is moved to the airport and is paitiently waiting to board the plane. I call The Checkerboard Angels and they tells me somethin went down at the bus stop and they're still waitin for the package. I call Big Jimmy and tell'em to give the Baker a piece of cake and pull the strings a little harder. The Kid HAS to board that plane in 1hr!
   7:30pm The Checkerboard Angels call me and they updates me on the situation.. They got the package and hop in a taxi and Litterally yell "¡Vamos al Aireporta y hacelo rapido! ¡hay un Q20 extra en esto para usted!" as you can imagine we're in guatemala and this taxi driver would do almost anything for an extra Q20 (Exaggeration.. sorta). 
   8:00pm The checkerboard Angels arrive at the airport but the plane has already left.. No worries though.. Big Jimmy Cut another slice of cake and The Baker got The Kid on the plane. 
   So that was my day Thursday.. I may have glorified it in a few places but it is exactly how I remember it when I look back! Ask the Checkerboard Angels they'll tell you the same thing.. just from their point of view.. and in spanish. Big Jimmy doesn't know I call him that so we'll just keep that our secret okey? ;)
   I'm living the dream out here guys so dont worry too much about me.. Just send me a bunch of letters.. or a package.. or a package of letters! ..with candy.
  Take care and know I love you! I'm all growing up and stuff so you guys can love me even more when I get back!
Me with a lot of money!
 Investigators getting married! YAY!! One of the happiest days of my life!

 Me with a rose! ;)
  I'm actually not sure why I added this picture...

Yours with epicocity,
Elder Hyrum Clark

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